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As the battle for Kobane continues to hold the future of the Middle East as we know it in it’s hands, the fight rages on between the local Kurdish defense forces and the ISIS extremist attackers. With Kurdish Peshmerga fighters facing an overwhelming onslaught in terms of both numbers and equipment, they have been hard pressed to not lose the city and give ISIS completely unfettered access to an unbroken border between Turkey and Syria that they could use to ferry in money, weapons, and more fighters. Recently a coalition campaign of airstrikes, lead by the United States air force and composed of both other western countries as well as local Arab and Middle Eastern countries, has allowed the Peshmerga forces to push back against the terrorists and take back most of the city. While the fight is going well and Kurdish soldiers are now being delivered air supplies by US forces, more troops and weapons are needed due to the number ISIS fighters remaining.

Up until recently, Turkey had steadfastly refused to allow Turkish Kurds to enter Kobane due to fears that they might come back to Turkey and reignite the conflict between Kurds and the Turkish government. Now, due to international pressure, Turkey has agreed to allow Kurds from all of the world to use its borders to get to Kobane so that they can help their fellows in defending the city and their lives. The first group of Iraqi Kurds, totalling in 150 fighters, are now traveling from Irbil to Kobane so that they can join the fight. Their light and heavy weapons are being transported by land as well, making sure that they show up both ready to fight and armed to the teeth. While these 150 fighters might not be enough to change the course of the battle, they will help bolster existing forces and improve morale. Hopefully more Kurds will arrive so that the fight for Kobane will be won and ISIS will be defeated.

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