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Ever since it’s swift and brutal rise to power in both Syria and Iraq, ISIS has consistently been able to both shock and horrify the world through the use of social media and the filmed execution of hostages. While people were already in horror about how and what the terrorist organization have been doing, the latest video that they released has taken that horror to new levels and shown the world just how callous and barbaric the terrorist organization truly is. On Tuesday the terrorist group released a new video showing the fate of captured Jordanian fighter pilot,┬áMuath al-Kaseasbeh, whose plane crashed in ISIS territory and was captured alive by ISIS fighters. The video shows al-Kaseasbeh locked in a cage and covered in petroleum before a masked ISIS fighter lights a trail of gasoline that engulfs the pilot, burning him to death while alive.

(Photo: Nasser Nasser, AP)

(Photo: Nasser Nasser, AP)

Lt. al-Kaseasbeh’s fighter jet either crashed in enemy territory or was shot down by ISIS militants in December and had been a captive since then. ISIS then tried to use him as a bargaining chip to secure the release of┬áSajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman who was part of the triple bombing of Jordanian hotels in 2005. While the Jordanian government seemed open to the trade, ISIS would only give proof of live that al-Kaseasbeh was alive in return for al-Rishawi and wouldn’t agree to an actual trade. When the deadline for the trade passed with no side budging on their demands, ISIS released the video showing the execution of al-Kaseasbeh to the general public.

What ISIS was planning to accomplish with this video is unknown, other than the obvious desire to shock the west with examples of their brutality. The burning seems to have infuriated the country of Jordan and is going to lead to them taking a much more active part in the battle against the terrorist organization. The murder of al-Kaseasbeh followed the murder of two Japanese hostages as well, showing that ISIS is willing make enemies of countries who had previously had no part in fighting the group. Unfortunately, the video will also probably lead to more recruits signing up for to fight with the terrorists and that might’ve been the purpose for it the entire time.

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