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There are two constants that have proven themselves to be true throughout history. The first is that politics is a dirty game and that most things are open targets when it comes to scrutiny. The second is that teenagers are difficult people to deal with at their best and when they’re at their worst, they can be little monsters. While these two might always be true, there is usually an unwritten rule when it comes to attacking and smearing the children of politicians; as in don’t do it because it shows how awful a person you are and how desperate you are to make political waves. Sadly, this rule was broken by one Elizabeth Lauten, a GOP staffer who is now out of a job due to the massive backlash that her comments over Thanksgiving caused.

With comments ranging from calling them classless to slut-shaming them, Elizabeth Lauten truly unleashed her pent-up and misguided anger at the presidency and all liberals upon Sasha and Malia. If you read the rant in whole, you realize that the reason for it doesn’t really make all that much sense. Sasha and Malia were acting like teenagers at the yearly Thanksgiving pardoning of the turkey. Everyone admits that it’s a strange and silly ritual and no one, from either political side, took offense at how the two Obama girls were acting like what they were; bored teenagers who didn’t want to be there and who were unamused by their dad’s lame dad-jokes. Yet, for some reason, Elizabeth Lauten felt the need to bombard the girls in a vicious attack that also took swings at both their father and their mother (what a surprise).

Now it seems as though this miserable woman has gotten her comeuppance for her vile and out-of-the-blue attack on two teen girls acting like teen girls. Along with resigning (0r being fired), Elizabeth Lauten has also earned the ire and hatred of the internet as a community. People, regardless of political affiliation, have been trashing her public pages and they have clearly been heard. Not only is she out of a job, but Lauten’s title of media manager is clearly something she never learned about and it seems like she won’t be getting hired any time soon.

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.